Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ASW Express Art Materials 2012 Summer Sale 2012 Art Materials Summer Sale

If you shop with us here as ASW Express, you probably already know about our great low prices, and even better sales. Chances are, that's one of the reasons that you choose us for your art supply need. If you've never shopped with us, now's a great time to give ASW Express a try!
Our summer sale catalog is fresh off the press. View the 2012 Summer Art Materials Sale online now in time for the 4th of July weekend. The sale is packed with great deals, free offers, promotions, deals, bulk and so much more!

 Prefer flipping catalog pages, want it digital? Visit our online catalog; its the best of both worlds. Flip through the pages to view the products, and when you find one that interests you, just click 'follow link' to go right to the page!

The as Deal Center is packed full of new promotions from top brands in the art materials industry. Save even more on the brands you love and use every day. As a great example..
Get a free 5oz. OPEN Titanium White with the purchase of six 5 oz tubes of Golden OPEN acrylics.

See this deal and many more in our new ASW Deal Center
We're featuring some new items, like Turner watercolors, Plutonium spray paint, and Arches new oil paper. In addition, some of our best and well-known brands are on sale: Ampersand boards, Sennelier watercolors, and Winsor & Newton Series 7 brushes, to name just a few. No matter what art supply you're looking for, you're sure to find it at a great price this summer at ASW Express!

we have added over 600+ new art supplies and materials to the sumer 2012 sale and the website perfect for the professional artist, teacher, student and business owner.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Open Gallery

Do Web Sites Illuminate Unknown Artists?

The New York Times featured an article titled Websites Illuminate Unknown Artists on Monday in its Arts section about, a website created for the purpose of exposing unknown artists. Anyone can create a portfolio to show off their artwork to the world. To take it a step further, they can enter contests put on by Artists Wanted with some big prizes (i.e., having their artwork on a billboard in Time Square). A contest winner is selected by the Artists Wanted staff from a pool of top contenders who are chosen by popular vote.
Artists Wanted, according to their 'About Us' section, has been around since 2007. Artists Wanted is not alone in their endeavor; Behance has been around since 2006, and deviantART, arguably the most well-known online portfolio site, boasting over 19 million members, has been around since 2000.

There's one major difference between sites like these, and brick-and-mortar galleries: most of these online sites have no selection process. Anyone can sign up and present their portfolio, no matter how good or bad their work may be perceived as. In a gallery, one can't simply come in off the street and hang their artwork on the wall. On the one hand, sites like Artists Wanted can be a good place to get an unknown artist's work out there. On the other hand, how often do you hear of artists getting recognition because of these sites?

Sure, it happens, but the results may be no better than one-in-a-million. In this digital age, more people than ever are discovering their creative edge, and putting the results out for everyone to see.

What do you think? Are open portfolio sites a breath of fresh air from art bureaucracy, or are they a waste of time?

Thursday, May 31, 2012

But Wait, There's More!

When making a buying decision, chances are we'll do our homework first. We make sure we're purchasing the right product at the right price on everything from cars to groceries to, of course, art supplies. We consider reputation of the brand, regular price and whether there is an available sale price or coupon.

ASW Express' Deal Center makes it easier to hunt for the best price. We list current available rebates, special promotions, and even free item deals! Check our homepage regularly for weekly coupons, or just sign up to receive our emails: you'll get sales and coupons delivered right to your inbox.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Customer Experience

A company is defined, not only by the products they sell, but by their customer service. Whether we're shopping for art supplies or going out to eat, online reviews or personal accounts from coworkers, family and friends often impact our decisions. Negative customer service reviews will make us think twice about going to that particular business. A one-time bad experience will do the same.

It seems like good customer service should be common sense. But all too often, we come away from what starts as a bad experience feeling short-changed, lied to, or otherwise wronged. All it takes is one irritable representative. On the flip side, sometimes it only takes one representative who is friendly, open and willing to work with us to turn a negative experience into a positive one. In “The 5 Smartest Things to Say to an Angry Customer”, an article on, Ron Burley writes: “I cannot count the number of times I’ve heard from customers who initially would have been pleased with just an apology.”

At ASW Express, we know that one time is all it takes. We strive to give great customer service, listen to our customers and progress accordingly.  Communication is important! We have a whole area dedicated to keeping you informed and answering your questions (like 'what do the icons next to items mean?' or 'how do I know it's safe to order from' . Do you have a question not answered in the help section, or need to contact us about an order? We're available Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm EST at 1-800-995-6778, or by e-mail: We understand business isn't just an exchange, it's establishing a relationship with the customer.

What do you look for from your customer service representatives?

Friday, April 13, 2012

ASW My Story - Why we Shop ASW Express

Regina Sanders | Artist | Teacher | ASW Shopper

Regina Sanders is an illustrator originally from Houston, TX. She started drawing at age 5 and never stopped, later majoring in Fine Art at the High School for Performing and Visual Arts in Houston. Upon graduation, she went to New York City and attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she majored in Fine Arts & Fashion Illustration.

As an artist, Regina works in several different mediums, including oil painting, watercolor paints, pastel painting, print, pencil, and tapestry weaving. She also enjoys passing on her love of art to others, as evidenced by her 25 years of experience in the arts education field.

"As the students become excited through the achievement of their project, or in their realization of a concept, I too am continually inspired by their work. As an instructor, it is truly rewarding to see that light bulb go on above their head. And as an artist, I know that having the best materials and instruction is key to making those moments happen."
-- Regina Sanders

Regina was featured in our ASW "My Story" - 

Tell us your story to be entered to win a $50 electronic gift card: My Story

Asw Express is Low Priced Great Quality Art Supplies

At ASW Express our main goal is to provide the largest selection of art supplies and materials to all and of course at the industries best prices.

Whether you are just starting out, looking to start a new hobby and relax yourself all the way to a professional. Looking for art supplies from oil paints and canvas all the way to easels and unique innovative items to make the artists life better, we have it!

Often times we see alot of companies popping up all over the Internet or copying what ASW does and that is ok too. But when looking for the best selection of art supplies, choose ASW Express online. (sounds kinda like a rhyme). Getting off the path, lets play a rhyme game for the moment.
"We Shop at ASW Express because it costs less." 
Since 1990, we have understood what the artist, teacher, student and hobbyist want so... we carry it at low prices. Painters flock to ASW express because of the massive selection of paints from oil paints, acrylic paints, watercolors and top that off... We carry an exceptional line of exclusive brands only found at ASW. With our brands not only will you save money but you will have a great experience and the finished piece of art you would expect. Sometimes price doe snot mean quality, in alot of cases it does but in the cases where it does not, well ASW has you covered.
For the painters who would like to try amazing paints without compromising quality (you may even be surprised by the results), try some of these brands.

Our website is designed so that you can find it quickly and easily and on sale. Not so intimidating anymore. (hmmmm)

In the past year we have grown alot and added on new ways and sections to help you along. We have redesigned our site, added paypal as payment option, introduced bulk to the buyer in need of more. Buying bulk art supplies can be an advantage if you think of it. If you own a business, buy together under 1 account, framing shop, wine and design, professional studio and more, you can save even more.

Other ways to find your sefl indulged in the ASW world of saving money...
  • Every week we have 2 to 3 products that we call.... Hot Deal of the Week going on. Check back every Thursday to find items that you will sure to like with savings unmatched. Eg: We are running a Dali easel for only $73.10 (was $329.99)
  • Visit often the On Sale page where you can find just anything and every brand on sale at any given moment. get great deals on Ampersand, Winsor and Newton, Davinci, prismacolor and so much more: On Sale